Micro B3

Micro B3 develops innovative bioinformatic approaches and a legal framework to make large-scale data on marine viral, bacteria; archaeal and protists genomes and metagenomes accessible for marine ecosystems biology and to define new targets for biotechnological applications. Micro B3 builds upon a highly interdisciplinary consortium of 32 academic and industrial partners comprising world-leading experts in bioinformatics, computer science, biology, ecology, oceanography, bioprospecting and biotechnology, as well as legal aspects.

Micro B3 is based on a strong user- and data basis from ongoing European sampling campaigns to long-term ecological research sites. For the first time a strong link between oceanographic and molecular microbial research will be established to integrate global marine data with research on microbial biodiversity and functions. The Micro B3 Information System will provide innovative open source software for data-processing, -integration, -visualisation, and -accessibility. Interoperability is the key for seamless data transfer of  sequence and contextual data to public repositories.

Micro B3 will allow taking full advantage of current sequencing technologies to efficiently exploit large-scale sequence data in an environmental context. Micro B3 is creating integrated knowledge to inform marine ecosystems biology and modelling. Moreover, it facilitates detecting candidate genes to be explored by targeted laboratory experiments for biotechnology and for assigning potential functions to unknown genes. Micro B3 is developing clear IP agreements for the protection and sustainable use of pre-competitive microbial genetic resources and their exploitation in high potential commercial applications.

Two documentary films on the topics of Micro B3 were made, covering marine biodiversity, bioinformatics and biotechnology as well as including the Ocean Sampling Days (OSD), its summer school and its legal development of Access and Benefit Sharing aspects of marine microbial diversity (ABS).
Have a look at the 20 minute version or the 5 minute version!

More information: Micro B3 Website