BlueGenics is an EU-FP7 project with the aim to combine the knowledge in marinegenomics, chemogenetics and advanced chemistry to produce recombinantly prepared novel secondarymetabolite (lead) compounds and analogous from them, as well as pharmacologically active peptides, and to bring them up to the pre-clinical, and hopefully also to the clinical studies. 

The multidisciplinary project, driven by high-tech genomics-based SMEs with dedicated interest inbringing marine-biotechnology-derived products to the market, will also involve the discovery and sustainable production of bioactive molecules from hitherto unexploited extreme environments, such as hydrothermalvents and deep-sea sources, and the expression/scale-up of unique enzymes/proteins of biomedical andbiotechnological interest.

The consortium comprises 8 teams from universities/research organisations with international reputation, and 7 SMEs and one larger company. The group of Werner E.G. Müller at the University Medical Center is in the lead within the University of Mainz.

More information: BlueGenics Website