Istituto di Biochimica delle Proteine, IBP-CNR

Via Pietro Castellino 111
80131 Napoli

+39 081 6132 273

The Institute of Protein Biochemistry (IBP), created in Naples since 1986, is a centre of scientific excellence in the area of protein structure, function and biocatalysis belonging to the Department of Life Science of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). The main focus behind the Institute foundation has been on the mechanisms of protein adaptation to extreme temperatures in thermophilic archaea and bacteria and in polar organisms. Recently, new lines of research in cell biology and pharmacology, and in bioimaging and biosensing have been established at the IBP, promoting links between the basic knowledge of protein biochemistry and biomedicine and biotechnology. Collaboration with industrial partners has also become an essential aspect of the new lines undertaken by the IBP.