New PharmaSea Movie - Exploring the Hidden Potential of the Oceans

21.03.2017 -

The Arctic is freezing cold and seemingly empty of life. But the coldest, hottest, deepest, and most inaccessible places on Earth are treasure troves for the discovery of novel drug compounds.

Recently, the World Health Organisation estimated that - if no immediate action is taken - the number of drug resistance-related deaths worldwide could rise to 10 million a year. Over the past four years the EU-funded PharmaSea project “Increasing Value and Flow in the Marine Biodiscovery Pipeline” has explored some of the most remote places on this planet to find novel compounds and to tackle the challenge of increasing drug resistances. PharmaSea aims to “discover new antibiotics, but also new agents for central nervous system diseases, such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease” stresses Marcel Jaspars, who is the scientific lead of the project.

But what is the best approach to finding and developing new therapies and treatments? Watch this video to follow the PharmaSea team to some of these most remote places. Learn about the challenges they face, trips to the seabed, their work in the lab and their findings.

The project recently concluded. The final report will be available soon online.