Associate Professor Jeanette H. Andersen

Research Manager at Marbio, University of Tromsø

University of Tromsø

Norwegian College of Fishery Science, Forskningsparken FPARK A 203, Tromsø, Norway

Jeanette H. Andersen

Jeanette H. Andersen is Research Manager at Marbio (University of Tromsø) and has a background in the field of antiviral discovery. Marbio is an analytical platform for screening, isolation and identification of bioactive natural products and has an extensive portfolio of projects including extracts from plants, animals and microorganisms collected from marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. Jeanette Andersen's scientific work has focused on the development of medium to high-throughput screening assays within the fields of antiviral, antibacterial, immunomodulating and anticancer screening.

Significant career milestones

Since 2004
Research Manager at Marbio, University of Tromsø, Norway

2000 - 2003
PhD, Graduation from University Tromsø, Norway

1998 - 2004
Research Associate at University Hospital of North Norway