Dr. Boris Mannhardt

Chief Executive Officer


Lützowstr. 33-36, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Boris Mannhardt

Boris Mannhardt is CEO at BIOCOM AG, a Berlin-based enterprise focusing on communication and consulting in the life sciences across Europe. BIOCOM has extensive knowledge and experience in all biotech areas, from the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors to industrial production. Building on this, BIOCOM can offer a comprehensive range of services for companies and the public sector – wherever state-of-the-art biotechnology calls for specialised information and communication processes. Boris Mannhardt has a scientific background with a PhD in molecular biology.

Significant career milestones

Since 2014
Chief Executive Officer at BIOCOM AG, Berlin, Germany

Since 2009
Executive Vice President at BIOCOM AG, Berlin, Germany

Since 2007
Head of the project management division at BIOCOM AG, Berlin, Germany

2002 - 2006
Investment manager at BioM AG, Munich, Germany

1999 - 2000
Postdoc at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck, Austria