PharmaSea brings together a broad international, interdisciplinary team of academics, industry researchers and specialists focused on marine biodiscovery. The project's global objective is the identification of new marine microbial strains from extreme environments to evaluate their potential as new drug leads, antibiotics or ingredients for nutrition or cosmetic applications.


  • €9m EU-project on deep-sea organisms started

    €9m EU-project on deep-sea organisms started

    13.02.2013 - The collaborative project PharmaSea will bring European researchers to some of the deepest, coldest and hottest places on the planet. Scientists from the UK, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark will work together to collect and screen samples of mud and sediment from huge, previously untapped, oceanic trenches. The large-scale, four-year project is backed by more than €9.5 million of EU funding and brings together 24 partners from 14 countries from industry, academia and non-profit organisations. More

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